About Me

v8anolasHello! To start things off. This is more of a personal blog and not quite the author’s profile most writers tend to do. I’ll share whatever, talk about myself and my stories, and other interesting thing I believe are worth discussing.

What is the point of this blog

I have been blogging on and off again since 2001. At one point I had quite a successful blog with Counter-Strike as the primary subject. Unfortunately, like most people, I grew up and lost all that free time I had to sink into hardcore gaming. I do still dabble, of course. But mostly in open-narrative games, not so much the multiplayer experience anymore. Among my favorites of such titles would be Starbound, Minecraft and Stardew Valley. I think I might have acquired an affinity for the cozy relaxing experience.

Why I started writing fiction

As a kid, I wrote a lot of comics. These were all slapstick stuff, and I totally wanted to grow up, becoming a comic book writer. Granted, I was more into it for the excuse of drawing than to actually write anything of context. Fast forward a couple of years and I started planning my first novel. It took me a few years and many starts until I finally decided. It’s time to actually finish a story.

The year was 2013, and I wrote my first short story. Heart of the Moon. I sent it to all my friends and family members, my first draft, too excited. To my surprise (and against all arguments from every writer online), they actually enjoyed my first draft, so much that they encouraged me to write another story following the characters rather than edit and fix the old one. Planetfall Conspiracy was made. People apparently enjoyed this second installment so much, I now had to write a third one, which became Antediluvian Discovery at the Red Planet. All three installments are now considered chapters of the Heart of the Moon novella.

However, my dear grandmother passed. My heart with weight, I began writing a novel to honor her passing. This story however only got 3 chapters before I put it aside. Feeling that the story was too good, and too meaningful, I did not want my lack of skill to put her memory to shame. Ironically, it still remains my best writing to date. I do wish to revisit The Human Factor one day.

Since then, I’ve had numerous adventures in my life. So many plans and unfinished stories. So many finished stories! I felt confident enough to debut myself on Amazon in 2015 with my story The Winning Ticket.

So, who am I?

My name is Bastian Hafrey, and I’m a writer born and raised in the middle of nowhere, smack on the border of the arctic circle.

I grew up on my mother’s farm, raised by a pack of 11 dogs and a sheep named Lambert. I abandoned the farm when I was 17 to pursue the lucrative market of the cities. With years of experience in multiple fields of science, I eventually decided to pursue my true passion, writing.