Let’s Hook Up in Real Life [PREVIEW]

Let’s Hook Up in Real Life [PREVIEW]
By: Bastian Hafrey

Part 1

Amelia jacked herself.

A white flash clouded her mind, followed by blue streaks of light. She was online in Virgila. A dream based online interface.

She swirled her finger in front of herself, causing a black virtual panel with white text to pop up.  She hit up her favorites in the contact list, and there he was—a picture of his face was next to his name, Tim.

“Hi,” She said as she touched the air in front of her, the place where his picture hung. “Up for a game today?”

“Huh, wha?”

“Are you sleeping?”

“It’s… 3 A.M.”

“That never stopped you before.”

“Mhm…Let me jack on.”

A few moments later, he popped into the white space where she stood. He looked around with sleepy eyes.

“I love what you’ve done with the place.” He said.

“I made a blank server. Figured we could load up some assets and have some fun.”

He scratched his head, “You want to do creative stuff?”

“You rather play some action game?”

“You know I do. How about parachute sim? I’m too sleepy to work my reflexes right now.”

“Sure,” She said. “Give me a sec, I’ll load us up.”

She fiddled with the panel that was still floating in front of her, and suddenly their cosmetic clothing turned into boring orange parachute equipments. A few more clicks, and they were in mid-air. Above them were the endless blue sky and beneath them was a sea of stratus clouds. The wind angrily pushes against their bodies as the earth rushes towards them.

“I was thinking,” She said, coming through clear despite the artificial wind flowing all around them. “Maybe you’d like to do something else instead? Something a little more exciting.”

“Not tonight,” He said. “Maybe tomorrow? We could go on a date first, and then to my place, or yours. Which ever.”

She bit her lips, this wasn’t the first time he had suggested that. Why was he so persistent about it?

“We could have a date at one of the public worlds,” She said. “Maybe that blue cat people world. I love the plant life there. It’s so beautiful.”

“No,” He said. “I mean …in real life.”

Amelia went silent. If she declined his invitation, he would be very upset with her; but, she couldn’t to say yes to him either!
They were slowly descending towards the fictional earth below. It would take another five minutes  before they had to activate their parachutes.

“Real life is boring,” She said. “Here, we are practically gods! Not to mention a lot sexier!”

He paused their mid-fall, and planted his feet into the air as if it was solid.

“Hey!” She said as she planted her feet down as well. “Now our scores will reset.”

“Look,” He said with an expression of concern in his eyes. “I just think it would be nice to see the real you once in a while.”

She brought up the panel, and turned her clothes off.

// END PREVIEW – Full story will soon be available on Amazon.

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