A Sexy Augmentation of White on Black [PREVIEW]

A Sexy Augmentation of White on Black [PREVIEW]
By: Bastian Hafrey

Part 1

Rays of sunlight jolted Eric to life.

He pulled himself out of bed, glaring at the windows blinds. He had forgotten to close them shut the night before. Like an 80’s movie zombie, he stumbled and wobbled his way from the grey bed, out through the door and into the living room. It was white, except for a grey couch. He sluggishly made his way towards his target, the bathroom.

The full body mirror by the door to the bathroom reflected a skinny naked dude with short black hair. He hated that guy and raised his hand to block the view as he clumsily made his way to the bathroom sink. Much like the bedroom and the living room, the bathroom was white with the exception of the grey sink, and two small black boxes resting neatly beside the toothbrush mug.

He opened one of the box and inspected its content. It contained two pairs of lenses. The outer part was covered in pathways like a circuit board, and the center was shaded like a rainbow in the light. He put them on.

After he adjusted the lenses, his boring bathroom became a brimming luxury suite. The room now had mural walls of dark brown plates with golden symbols of royalty. His toilet warped into a fine glittering white with golden brims, it even had a golden flushing rope dangling from the ceiling. His sink and shower followed the same theme.

He opened the second box, it contained 10 pieces of plastic finger-casings. He slid them onto his fingers. With the fcasings, he could now physically interact with the apparent reality of his augmented home.

He made quick business of his wake-up routine, and moved himself to the living room. It now had greenery and plants and flowers and a TV and paintings and a fireplace. The boring grey couch turned into a stylish leather couch with intricate symbols.

“Mote…” He mumbled, and a TV remote appeared in his hand. He could feel it physically exist in his hand through the fcasings.

He flipped a couple of channels, yet found nothing of interest. He checked his wrist for the time, there was an augmented watch there: 10:32 AM.

Oh crap…. I’m going to be late!

Eric leapt out of the couch and ran for the bedroom. It now looked like a room decorated for kings. After all, virtual augmented cosmetics were cheap. Some of it even open source. He himself leaned towards the open source community. Most of his interior designs came from the DebRian group. Shame though, he figured. With all the wonders of an augmented reality, he still had to pay a monthly license for the augmented TV.

He opened his closet and hit his head on the door.

“Ouch!” He burst. “Oh no, my lenses!”

He scrambled to the floor, but found nothing.

// END PREVIEW – Full story will soon be available on Amazon.

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