Published Books

pexels-photo-230590.jpegA Burglary with Lust [2017]
Let’s Hook Up in Real Life [2017]

These are two erotica stories, so NSFW and 18+

You can find the books on Amazon here and respectively here.


Angelic Extinction [2017]

I didn’t think mankind would end the way it did. Not a day goes by that I don’t blame myself. If only I knew then what I know now, perhaps I could have done things differently. Maybe I could have found another way. Another way to save you, my love. Another way to save us all.

This book is available on Amazon.

spectral_click[1]Spectral Investigation [2016]

The police received a report from a civilian who swore “a large horned devil appeared out of thin air” and began trashing his office space. It was immediately dismissed as a non-case and scribbled down into a dusty old archive file no one would ever bother to read.
Paul Banach had overheard the conversation from the officer’s end and made a decision. He called the experts.
Now Don Argus O’Callaghan and Mike Teller, both professional spectral investigators, both well aware that devils don’t exist, are on the case. They have to identify who or what is causing the disturbance and make sure it ends there before things gets out of hand.
This book is available on Amazon.

secret_click[5]House Secret [2016]

Every family has its secrets. Some more extraordinary than others. When a traditional family ceremony goes wrong, Liya, Allen and Elsa are forced into a surreal circumstance which puts their lives into disarray.

The original short story is free and available on my Wattpad. The Novelette is available as ebook on Amazon here and the paperback here.

winning_click[4]The Winning Ticket [2015]

People apparently have a greater chance to slip on ice to their deaths, than winning the lottery, for Carl Eaton, both scenarios presented themselves in quick succession. Being both allegedly dead and with no millions in hand, he now stands accused of mass murder. Two thousand souls dead and counting.

This book is available on Amazon.