Previews of Upcoming Books

Krigsmar [2017]

This is an action packed adventure novel for teens. It follows a boy who discovers that superpowers are real and how this fact will change his life forever.

The first book is actually pretty much done, I am going to make it available soon through Wattpad as a web serial and on Amazon for those who can’t wait. Chapters will be released weekly for a period of about 4 months, look forward to it!

The Prologue is available Here.



EROTICA 3/8: A Sexy Augmentation of Black on White [2016]

Nothing is as it seems in this new reality of our world. Everything that can be digitized, has been. Including our clothes, our TV, our windows, yes, our entire lives has been taken over by the digital sphere. This story explores what could happen to your life if your lenses one day broke.

I wasn’t actually going to write this story as an erotica. It’s an idea I’ve wanted to explore for a long time. But a plot where a man meets a woman and finds out who she really is, beneath all those layers of digital exposition, that’s quite a twist!

The Preview is available Here.