My Old Unpublished Books

I have been writing for a couple of years now. As with everything, perfect makes practice.

For that reason, I never actually published my first stories. They’re all available from here, for free, and should be considered drafts on an indefinite deadline. Meaning I might revisit them at some point in my life, but there are no immediate plans to do so.

test_1Holographic Sky [2015]

A psychedelic story about the end of all things.

Interestingly, this story is actually set in the same ‘world’ as The Winning Ticket and House Secret. I have two draft of a fourth and fifth story meant to ‘complete’ the collection, as each story deals with the end of the universe, one theory at a time.

One day I hope to rewrite this one and put it into a bundle including all five stories.

hcl_v1-2015-01-09Sweet & Gorgeous [2014]

Formerly known as High Caste Life, Sweet & Gorgeous is the romantic life story of an alien.

This isn’t actually my third story. It’s my fourth. The third story is still unfinished but still the best thing I’ve ever written (dedicated to my grandma as she passed).

A large part of me wants to go back to Sweet & Gorgeous. As when I wrote this, I wanted to experiment being more descriptive and hence wrote the entire story without a single dialogue. I did a rewrite recently, of the entire first chapter and added 2 new chapters there. I’m still debating weather I should make them available or not since I would like the whole novelette to be rewritten.

anitd_2014-04-23A Night in the Dark [2014]

This is the second story I wrote. Following a duo of extraterrestrial bug exterminators.

It was meant as a 3-part story, but my reviewers didn’t enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I would still love to revisit it some day, as the world itself is very lush and colorful with a lot of interesting politics and planetary environments. Enjoy!

hotmoon_v1-2013-12-09Heart of the Moon [2013]

This is the first book I ever finished. It’s a novella following a drilling crew as they make a discovery at the heart of the moon.

The format and writing style is rather terrible, but the plot is great. I find that even poorly written books can still be great. It all comes down to the story it tries to tell; like, say, any book by -ugh- John Ringo. I’m still ashamed by the style and formatting which is why I haven’t published it, other than here, on my rather obscure blog. You’re in luck 😉