2x Erotica Stories

My original plan was to launch 8 erotica/romance stories at the same time and cross link them. I was told that’s how it’s done, and from research it seemed to hold true.

Unfortunately by the time I started getting into my “erotica project”–some months after I wrote ‘A Burglary with Lust‘–it was already too late. I did however manage wrap up ‘Let’s Hook Up in Real Life‘ before I abandoned my venture into the dark side of storytelling.

Basically, these two stories have been dusting in my ‘finished’ bin for over a year (mid-2016). Since I probably wont be writing any more romance/erotica to fill this imaginary quota, it’s time to publish!

The truth is totally that I’m only doing this so I can claim I published more than one story this year!

I have to say though, they deserve to be published. They’re both great quality stories way above what you would expect in the erotica genre.

So why did I end up writing not one, but two smut pieces? Because I was hired to. I’m not a sellsword or anything, but it was kinda fun to try something different, especially since I never made real money on my writing before, so the promise of a payday was a good motivator. Yeah, I was hired as a ghostwriter.

When ghostwriting, there is a set of instructions on things to include such as characters (yes, his name apparently has to be Con Artist) and plots. Honestly, with what I had to work with, I think it turned out exceptionally well. She asked me to include the most ridiculous things like a corrupt judge who apparently could ignore the jury and put people in jail left and right. The ‘bad boy biker’ wasn’t even supposed to appear in the story until the very last chapter (breaking the first rule of writing). Etc. So. Really. I did exceptionally well with the mess I was handed.

Despite all that effort it turns out I was about to be scammed and wouldn’t get paid, so I pulled out and been sitting on the finished product ever since.

So anyway, here they are, with a new pen name, specifically created for erotica stories:

Enjoy!…or something xD

Note that LHUiRL is a short story at ~5k words, while ABwL is a novelette at ~10k.

Been a while…

It’s been a while since last I posted an update.

Reflecting on 2017, I wish I had more to show for and more good things to say. It has been a slow year for me.

– I had to leave Thailand and go back to Sweden.

– I only published one story this year (Angelic Extinction).

– I finished my first novel, Krigsmar. I had hopes to publish it this year, but the release is going to have to be pushed back for various reasons.

– I stopped writing to pursue regular employment in order to support my future family as well as started renting a family sized apartment in a family oriented town.

– I lost that job.

– I’m single again.

Hopefully 2018 will be a better year!

Free Promotion Time!


With the Anniversary of House Secret and the recent release of the paperback, I have decided to hold an anniversary sale!

Starting at midnight of the 25th May, 2017 the ebook of House Secret will be priced at $0.99 (67% off) for 23 hours, before going back up to its standard $2.99 price.

As a warm-up to the anniversary, Angelic Extinction, Spectral Investigation and The Winning Ticket will all free between the 24th and the 25th of May, 2017!

Have a good read and a great day!

House Secret Paperback!


I actually weren’t aware until today that it’s possible to create paperback versions of books directly on Amazon. I decided to overhaul House Secret, made some minor grammar and spelling fixes, and prepared it for paperback!

It’s actually very exciting for me, I never thought I would get to hold one of my own books until I went through the long and expensive process of ordering a bulk of copies from a hobbyist book printer.

The only downside is how stingy Amazon can be about royalties. I’m not even making one third of a dollar per sale despite the high price.


Anyway, here’s the Amazon link.


Angelic Extinction

angelic extinction

My latest book, now available on Amazon!

The story is about the three last humans in existence. They’re stragglers refusing to give up, surviving until the end of days. The eradicator himself have found them, and so, they are challenged to make one final stand in the name of mankind.

How do you like my cover art? Took me hours to draw all those angels.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did writing it!


What to use a blog for…

question-marks-confusion-puzzle*scratches head*

Think think…

Well, there’s an ocean of obscure short fiction out there, on the internet, ready to be reaped by the masses. But there’s really no accessible way for you or anyone not an expert on reddit-fu (and other sources) to find and enjoy the content. So here, enjoy my future collection.

I do not take credit for any of the stories posted to this blog unless stated otherwise. All rights go to the original author.

Note there won’t be a time schedule, I post when I find something great. I mean, I read about 3 to 10 stories every week but unfortunately most of them aren’t worth posting here. Rest assured I will only link to stories which are worth reading!

Maybe, in the future (and with permission from like-minded authors) I will be able to host a free magazine bundle for you readers to enjoy.

We’ll see what happens.

Note: For you fans; clicking Stories will bring you back to the old static front page (for now 2017/04). I have some plans for the site and this may change soon.