What to use a blog for…

question-marks-confusion-puzzle*scratches head*

Think think…

Well, there’s an ocean of obscure short fiction out there, on the internet, ready to be reaped by the masses. But there’s really no accessible way for you or anyone not an expert on reddit-fu (and other sources) to find and enjoy the content. So here, enjoy my future collection.

I do not take credit for any of the stories posted to this blog unless stated otherwise. All rights go to the original author.

Note there won’t be a time schedule, I post when I find something great. I mean, I read about 3 to 10 stories every week but unfortunately most of them aren’t worth posting here. Rest assured I will only link to stories which are worth reading!

Maybe, in the future (and with permission from like-minded authors) I will be able to host a free magazine bundle for you readers to enjoy.

We’ll see what happens.

Note: For you fans; clicking Stories will bring you back to the old static front page (for now 2017/04). I have some plans for the site and this may change soon.


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