The N-word?

serveimageJust quick heads up: I’m letting go of my domain – My website will still be available through, I just don’t want to continue paying for a domain name that no one uses. I might get another one one day, but for now, there’s no valid reason to keep it save for google ranking. Which I’m not scoring anyway…


So, to my rant… I’m going to discuss a bit about a dream and a scenario that keeps repeating and it’s annoying me. Lately, I’ve ended up in far too many fights with people who are too passionate about nonsense. In Sweden, anything that can be considered offensive, will be considered offensive. I could give you numerous examples, but I’m going to illustrate exactly how far this has gone through the dream I just woke up from, 5 minutes ago:

I arrived to a room where a bunch of people sit around for some kind of awareness event. Ironically, I was not aware of there being any such events.

As I walk in, people are pointing at their eyes and making signs and shit. I don’t understand what they mean, so I’m asking what’s going on. I’m not getting any answers. Soon, it dawns on me, so I ask “are they blind people?” Which promptly leads to everyone getting upset with me. Especially the blind people. Now why is that? Because this is Sweden and now even the word blind has become a sensitive word (in my dream anyway).

This dream taught me a valuable lesson though, from now on, whenever this shit happens (because it happens way too often in real life, it’s fucking unbelievable how many times I accidentally trigger people due to everyone needing diapers): “You’re all getting pissy at me because I asked an innocent question? You can all rightly go fuck off.”

I mean, let’s face it. Why should I apologize or argue with people who clearly has way too much time on their hands to get offended and attacking innocent people for using WORDS.

There is a very clear lack of awareness and structure here. Words don’t mean shit by themselves. Words only hold meaning when given a meaning. I could be speaking Swedish to you and you would probably have no idea what any of my words meant, they literally hold no meaning to you.

A good example of what I mean is the N-word. See, now I made you think about the meaning of that precise word in your mind, and you know it’s supposed to be offensive and sensitive, it’s why it’s “hidden”. But if we instead discussed this topic like adults and recognized that people use the word nigger as a racist slander, you would know that through this context I had no hateful feelings, or feelings at all, behind my use of it.

My point is, using words don’t have power or meaning if they are not used precisely to deliver a certain emotion. Which these cunt-guzzling-fucktards don’t fucking understand, and I’m a fool for thinking I can educate them instead of just telling them they can rightfully go fuck themselves.

Anyway, in my dream two of the blind people contacted me and apologized soon after I had left. which is highly unrealistic and unconvincing of reality. so I woke up xD


2x Erotica Stories

My original plan was to launch 8 erotica/romance stories at the same time and cross link them. I was told that’s how it’s done, and from research it seemed to hold true.

Unfortunately by the time I started getting into my “erotica project”–some months after I wrote ‘A Burglary with Lust‘–it was already too late. I did however manage wrap up ‘Let’s Hook Up in Real Life‘ before I abandoned my venture into the dark side of storytelling.

Basically, these two stories have been dusting in my ‘finished’ bin for over a year (mid-2016). Since I probably wont be writing any more romance/erotica to fill this imaginary quota, it’s time to publish!

The truth is totally that I’m only doing this so I can claim I published more than one story this year!

I have to say though, they deserve to be published. They’re both great quality stories way above what you would expect in the erotica genre.

So why did I end up writing not one, but two smut pieces? Because I was hired to. I’m not a sellsword or anything, but it was kinda fun to try something different, especially since I never made real money on my writing before, so the promise of a payday was a good motivator. Yeah, I was hired as a ghostwriter.

When ghostwriting, there is a set of instructions on things to include such as characters (yes, his name apparently has to be Con Artist) and plots. Honestly, with what I had to work with, I think it turned out exceptionally well. She asked me to include the most ridiculous things like a corrupt judge who apparently could ignore the jury and put people in jail left and right. The ‘bad boy biker’ wasn’t even supposed to appear in the story until the very last chapter (breaking the first rule of writing). Etc. So. Really. I did exceptionally well with the mess I was handed.

Despite all that effort it turns out I was about to be scammed and wouldn’t get paid, so I pulled out and been sitting on the finished product ever since.

So anyway, here they are, with a new pen name, specifically created for erotica stories:

Enjoy!…or something xD

Note that LHUiRL is a short story at ~5k words, while ABwL is a novelette at ~10k.

Been a while…

It’s been a while since last I posted an update.

Reflecting on 2017, I wish I had more to show for and more good things to say. It has been a slow year for me.

– I had to leave Thailand and go back to Sweden.

– I only published one story this year (Angelic Extinction).

– I finished my first novel, Krigsmar. I had hopes to publish it this year, but the release is going to have to be pushed back for various reasons.

– I stopped writing to pursue regular employment in order to support my future family as well as started renting a family sized apartment in a family oriented town.

– I lost that job.

– I’m single again.

Hopefully 2018 will be a better year!

Less posts & Krigsmar update!

I was intent on running this site with weekly updates, but life is life and I can’t make a living, build the future, write books, and maintain a blog at the same time. Well, I could, if my writing and blogging made money; which they don’t.
So I had to choose, and I choose writing books. Better for you, better for me, better for everyone.

Update on Krigsmar:
My rewrite went over well.
The first part of the story is actually pretty solid, I don’t think there will be much revisions there!
The second part does need to be overhauled a little bit. My beta readers feel it could use a bit fleshing out on details. I hope to have it ready in three weeks.
Can’t wait to show ya’ll!

Oh and…
If you’re wondering where the 30 blog posts went, well. I deleted them. Sorry!

Review: Will Save the Galaxy for Food

I just finished reading Will Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Croshaw, definitely a five star story!

Yahtzee is an excellent writer, who somehow manages to capture and produce beautiful, living and breathing worlds… then goes on to populate said worlds with characters who are acutely unrealistic and severely brain damaged. It is essentially a blend of masterful writing skill and pure creativity.


It doesn’t matter if we master interstellar travel or gain a near god-like understanding of quantum physics. In the end, you can trust one variable never to change; humanity will remain petty and dumb as a rock.

McKeown glower at the stars like they owe him, like they used to be best friends and now are nothing but lies and betrayal. The golden era of swashbuckling space adventuring long since gone. McKeown has just about closed shop when everything goes appropriately wrong at the right moment.

This might be my absolute favorite of Yahtzee’s books. It has everything he did great with his previous two books and more! If you enjoy his other books, you will enjoy this one. Guaranteed by the Star Pilot Volunteer Peacekeeping Corps.

Already up to 47 ‘purchases’!

Back when I had my free promo running for The Winning Ticket (~2 years ago), there were 51 ‘free buys’.

I didn’t actually get a single review from that event, disappointed, I later learned one cannot review on Amazon unless a money purchase has been made on the account, and that purchase cannot be through discount.

Unfortunately this also means that purchasing House Secret for $0.99 now that it is down from $2.99 for the day means its not a valid purchase for review either.

However, I do hope that those of you who enjoy my writing and have previous purchases on Amazon take the time to review one of my books!

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who have downloaded one of my books in the past few hours. There are still 22 hours left to go and we’re already at 47 ‘free buys’, only 5 more and we’ll beat the old record!

Thank you everyone!